Batesville Garage Doors

Selecting a garage door for your Batesville home is an important decision, because garage doors can last decades if you select the right one.  If you select the wrong garage door, you may be replacing it sooner than expected.  There are many options to consider when selecting the perfect garage door.  Here are some tips for selecting the best door for your garage in Batesville, Arkansas.

Garage Door Quotes in Batesville, Arkansas

Make sure to get an in-person quote.  Every garage is a little different and you will want someone to be there to check all of the details, like opening size and shape and design decisions.  North Arkansas Garage Door performs garage door sales and service calls in Batesville, AR and surrounding areas.  We will look at your garage and determine the best garage door for the space and right price.  Don’t try and order online and end up with a door that doesn’t fit your needs.

Wood Garage Doors

Although real wood doors are a beautiful addition to the look of your Batesville, AR home, you must be willing to devote time and energy to upkeep that look.  Natural finishes only last a few years and will need to be refinished.  You can get some of the best-looking doors for a fraction of the cost if you go with faux-wood grain finish doors.  From a distance they truly look like wood, but they will last longer and do not require refinishing.  They are also much lighter than traditional wood doors.

Upgrade your Insulation

Saving energy and saving money are always great ideas.  Upgrading your insulation on your garage door from polystyrene to polyurethane.  The higher the R-value the better the insulation.  An R-9 to an R-18 rating can increase your garage warmth and the cost is usually on 15% higher than the standard insulation.


Pay for beefier springs that will give you more cycles of opening and closing.  Standard garage door springs may give you 10,000 cycles, but if you upgrade, you may get 20,000 cycles for a minimal increase in cost.  Call North Arkansas Garage Door in Batesville, and we will evaluate your garage door and keep it in top running shape.

Garage Door Opener

If you are replacing your door, make sure to replace the garage door opener as well, because if the door is aging, so is your opener.  You may even get a better deal on a Batesville garage door by combining a door with an opener and saving on labor.  Cheap Batesville, AR garage doors can still be amazing in quality.

Professional Garage Door Installation in Batesville, AR

Think twice before trying to install a door by yourself in Batesville, AR. There are tons of pieces and you need some powerful arm strength to be able to wind the spring, which can also be dangerous.  Also, a professional can set it up in a fraction of the time it would take you and they can fix problems when they arise.  Plus, they will haul off your old door as well.

Garage Door Design

Check manufacturer’s websites to determine which garage door style you like best.  Most sites have the option to upload your house photo and simulate how different doors will look on your house.  There are many features that can facilitate your search for the perfect garage door in Batesville and surrounding areas.  You can even select different hardware options to see how they will look.

If you're looking for garage doors, overhead doors, or roll-up doors in Batesville, AR, call North Arkansas Garage Door today for a garage door quote!