Mountain Home Garage Doors

There are many types of garage door components to consider when you are looking to buy a garage door in Mountain Home.  All of the options are probably causing you a bit of anxiety.  The most important thing to do is measure the opening of your garage door space accurately before you get started on selecting the garage door for your home.


When considering the material you select for your garage door, the climate in your area plays a big role.  When you are looking for beauty, a solid wood garage door will look the best.  However, this look will also be high on the maintenance scale.  Wooden doors need to be refinished and sealed every few years.  They also require a much heavier spring system.  Wooden garage doors are energy efficient, but they are not as great with rain, snow, or hail.  Now if you like the wood look, a wood composite door is an excellent option.  With composite, you won’t need to refinish the door.  It is also much lighter than a traditional wood door.  The composite door is energy efficient and has an R-factor insulation in its core.  Aluminum garage doors are also another option, which won’t rot or warp.  They are also more cost-effective.  Aluminum garage doors don’t do well with insulation and they also easily dent.


There are also several types of garage doors, with the most common being a sectional garage door.  The panel is broken into sections which are held together with hinges.  A sectional garage door will move up the vertical track until it reaches the top of your garage door opening.  Roll-up garage doors are opened and they roll around a barrel found above the garage door.  The door is made of horizontal slats that allow the door to curve and bend.  A slide to the side garage door is just like a traditional sectional garage door, except it rolls horizontally to the side. This type of door is a bit rare, but works well with those that have little headroom.  Side-hinged garage doors are like carriage doors that swing out like barn doors when they open because their hinges are on the side.  Tilt-up garage doors don’t have sections, as they move in one unit to the top of your garage door opening.  Tilt-up garage doors are a bit more expensive and more difficult to operate.

There are many types of garage door options for you to select.  North Arkansas Garage Door can help you find the perfect garage door for your needs.  After measuring and determining the material and type, you just have to pick the best-looking match for your home and your style.  Let the professionals do the heavy lifting and installation to ensure the job is done correctly.  Many places will give a free quote to get you started and ready to make your selection.  Remember your garage door may be up to 30% of your curb appeal and you should choose wisely.